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Winter || 2002

Thursday, January 24  

I don't understand. I changed my template and re-published my entries, and yet there isn't a change when I view my journal in the browser. Maybe their having problems.

posted by Cristina | 1:26 AM

I'm sitting all by myself in the iMac lab. Listening to Linkin Park. This is somewhat of a good opportunity to shoot some pictures and get some real work done. Yeah.. word to your mother. Heh.

posted by Cristina | 1:22 AM

I guess I get most of my ideas when I'm flipping through a magazine or browsing the Internet when I'm looking for an opportunity to shoot some pictures. This semester I am taking two Graphic Design courses. It's good for me because I'm a very visual person and I always see great images in my mind that I'd like to produce. For example, I'd love to take a picture of pointe slippers upon a wooden block with a fresh rose beside it. Or I'd like to take a picture of a person sitting behind a textured background, where their sitting on a wooden chair where the back of the chair is somewhat open, and the model's look is somewhat glancing to their left, or reading the newspaper... I invision it in my mind. No, I haven't taken these two images yet.

For Basic Photography class, I was instructed to take a roll of film. I haven't begun shooting yet, but I'd like to do that very soon. Next class I'll develop the film, but I won't be printing the film for a few classes. I just got my camera last week and I have no idea how to use it. I think for the first couple of pictures I'll take some environmental pictures, and for the rest I'll take some still life objects and people. Nothing complicated, but I want the person seeing the picture to think "what was the photographer thinking when she took this image" or "what kind of image is the photographer trying to send".

It almost appears that I am the last student in the iMac lab. I came to Chamberlayne (I never know how to spell it, but it looks right) because I wanted to work on the images for my website design project for Introduction to Internet Design. Our professor was sick on Tuesday, and I have class later today. If he's sick, I'll probably remain in class and continue working. Also, the Mac labs close at 2 o'clock in the morning, and it's now 1:10a.

Well.. I should probably check my e.mail before I log off for the morning.

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